Skeletal Anatomy 3D - Quiz and Reference App Reviews

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Fraco / poor

Poucas informações e gráficos. Poor of info and graphics.

Biology college level

This app helped me to memorize the skeletal system before my final exam, a great thanks to the creator, you helped me on a big part of my grade!

Pretty good so far

I am just starting to use this app to help me study for a fitness theory exam. So far, it is quite good and priced about right for what you get.


Awesome app.! Has a little more than I need but I guess thats better than not enough! Would definitely recommend !

Good images

I am a health professional and I find it useful to educate patients with this App. Would love to have more spinal segments photo that can be Zoom in close to see the structures and educate about arthritis, bone spur, nerve impingement, disc herniation etc. Great job with the images though!!! Thanks.


Scoring function does not work Ok app for basic skeletal anatomy

Great App

One of my fave apps. Worth my money.

Skeletal app

This app is awesome !! Really helped me study for my exam

Great tool!

Great pictures - fun way to learn.

Great app!!

Easily understandable, great references and info =) definitely worth the money!!


Extremely helpful!


Im not a bio student, I just bought this app because it looked like I would be interested in it. Its really great from my perspective. Its taught me a lot, now Im trying to memorize them XP

Great but needs work

Need to indicate the view of reference diagrams: anterior, posterior, etc. especially the hand diagram. Could be either hand from either side. App needs MORE diagrams. Should be able to break down bone by bone especially the humerus and femur. Muscle attachments should also be included in diagram. This app was disappointing... Especially for the price. Found free ones that were more complete.

Love it!

Its basic, easy to memorize, love the 3D. Thank you for the easy app!

Great app

I think this app is fantastic. You can rotate the skeleton to look at any angle, look at bones by region....well thought out. The only downside I found to this app is that you cant pick what it quizzes you on. Im in Intro to Anatomy and Physiology and just needed to learn about 40 bones. Wish I could have picked what the quiz covered. Other than that, its an awesome deal!

best app for medical use

I have tried some of the other apps and this one so far is the best one that I have found. yes it could a little more on some of the bone structures. over all its the best one.

Best free skeletal quiz

A great and convenient little skeletal anatomy quiz app. I find myself studying every time I have a few minutes to spare. I wish theyd make one that included the muscular system as well.

Skeletal anatomy

I am really glad I found this app. It helps me for school because we are doing a medical unit. I am in 5th grade and sometimes I like to use electronically devices and do research and this app saves me time instead of doing research.

VERY helpful

I just went right to the major quiz and kept taking it over and over again. It drills it into your head.


Perfect for learning the bones in anatomy classes. Very easy to use also.

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